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NEW YORK (AP*) – The majority of journalists who died in the line of duty during the last decade were killed in direct reprisal for their reporting, not while covering combat, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists - CPJ.

The New York-based group, which annually publishes a report on the dangers faced by journalists around the world, stated that of the 389 journalists killed between 1992 and 2001, 62 of them, 16 percent, died in cross fire, while 298, or 77 percent, were targeted for their work. Those who allegedly ordered a journalist’s murder had been arrested and prosecuted in just 20 cases. The report also said that 1994 was the deadliest year, when 66 journalists were killed.

The text can be given the title:

A) “Press dangers”

B) “The death of a journalist”

C) “Journalist’s death finally confirmed”

D) “Journalists killed while covering combats”

E) “Journalist’s death calls for official investigation”

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Como mostra o texto na seguinte passagem: "[...] publishes a report on the dangers faced by journalists around the world..."

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